Sunday 17 November 2013

This is the end!

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Well, it had to come. My life and my ambitions have expanded beyond the cramped confines of blogspot and thus I've secured my own website - I am now master of my own domain.

This new site's going to let me ... well, do all sorts of cool things. I'll be able to... hm, well, you know! Just look at it! Isn't it cool?

If you're a follower you can either join my new Facebook group or  follow me on twitter @miwantok.

I'm shutting down the comments here (apologies recent commenter Andreas!) and I'll be moving everything over to the new site. Some of my older posts need formatting but so it goes. Thanks to blog spot for four or so years of terrific service.

See you soon at my new pad! Visit the brand new Pointless Philosophical Asides.

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