Thursday, 28 January 2010

Marvel vs DC

Thoughts inspired by a message board thread about "Your Biggest Disappointment":

Well, I was gonna say "Blackest Night", but actually, I think I'd say the entire DCU. They've got some great properties, and occasional stand-out creators (they'd be lost without Grant Morrison!) but they just cannot (IMO) get the kind excitement and narrative drive out of them that we see from Marvel.

DC are generally braver, and do more "interesting" things, and when it works it's fantastic (I'm reading Seven Soliders of Victory at the moment, which is absolutely brilliant on pretty much every level) but when they try and do striaght supers of the Marvel-ish flavour it all comes out blah.

Blackest Night is the series that crystalised all this for me. It was very much of a type with Secret Invasion, I thought, but whereas SA was a kind of hop between big set pieces of super folks kicking each other in the face, BN just seemed to be yak yak yak and then a lot of supposedly spooky yak from zombies with folks I couldn't care less about. I mean, a scary Elongated Man - WTF!?!?

That said, though, I did enjoy Infinite and Final Crisis and loved the hell out of 52, but while WW Hulk sold me on Incredible Hercules, and Secret Invasion kept me involved with the Avengers books, none of the DC events have led me to pick up the regular books.

Not sure who's going to be interested in all that really (maybe DC market researchers?) but it interests me so there it is!

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