Monday, 19 April 2010

Big Babies on CBBC

EDIT: Okay, I can't scale the youtube vid of the credits right so here's a link instead. Bloody web 2.0 harshing my social networking mellow!

We've become big fans of this show in my house. It revolves around an old fashioned comedy duo - uptight Brooks and genial fool Rocco - and their small, baby adventures. They've got some recurring friends - notably baby rapper The Gonch - and their toys (featured in the credits) provide a chicken littley sub-plot for each episode.

The effect of grown-up actor faces combined with baby bodies is wonderfully grotesque, and the faces and dialogue occasionally makes witty use of the random flailing of baby limbs. The design and voice work on the toys is also very nice.

The toys aren't quite as funny as Brooks and Rocco, but I suspect the big babies might get tiresome without the toy plots to break them up a little, and at fifteen minutes an episode it never quite outstays its welcome. Highly recommended to parents and stoned students/unemployed!

FURTHER EDIT: Ooh, here's a cool clip featuring The Gonch from the CBBC site.

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