Sunday, 16 May 2010

State of Change part three: A Little Bit Like a Lobotomy

Part three of my short novel in ten parts, State of Change, is now live on its own blog. 

Things are beginning to happen now. Dylan's agreed to try out a mysterious new medium that will either revolutionise popular entertainment or turn his brain to mush. We get a vivid surgery scene, and Dylan nips home to meet his flatmates. These people were based on various flatmates I've had over the years, and reading it again after so long is a slightly odd experience. You forget all about these people, who were a vital (even intimate) part of your life for short periods of time, until you turn over an old diary entry or letter that brings it all flooding back...

Maybe when I'm done, I'll write an afterword about how real life and fantasy mixed in this story, for my own interest, at least.

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