Sunday, 6 June 2010

State of Change Part Six: Mind Fuck/Body Fuck

You'll be excited to hear that part six features some of the harshest of the sex scenes. By this point I was really trying to push myself in that direction, dealing with my own prudery and thinking a bit about buttons that no one likes pushing (I suppose some sickos do). I've pared it back a little for this version, and added a few lines to emphasise the tediousness of it without actually making it tedious, a fine line to navigate!

The egregious Curtis is based ona guy used to know, vaguely, but in retrospect I don't think this little bit of "comedy" works so well. I think it's happening too much in my head, not enough on the page. MUST TRY HARDER!

This part also explicitly introduces some of the philosophical content about reality, causation and how (and if) events follow one from the other. There's more in part seven, where the events depicted here throw a spanner into whatever it is that the blue guy – Manisola the Teacher, as I call him right now – is up to.

This is obviously the climax of the novel (if you'll excuse the expression) and the pieces are now all in place for the denoument (such as it is) to play out.

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