Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter break

Sorry, I've been away, school holidays and all that. Normal service will resume shortly...

In the meantime, might I recommend 3eanuts? This blog takes four panel Peanuts cartoons and removes final panel, revealing the pain and absurd cruelty of the world of Chalie Brown that is often hidden by the joke in the last frame. I remember the craze for Garfield remixes a few years back, and I think these are even better than strips where they blanked out the cat's thinks ballons.


  1. I remember doing a vaguely Garfield-without-Garfield remix of Peanuts back when. My thing was Photoshopping everyone else out of the frames so that Charlie Brown was alone.

  2. Ooh, dark!

    I've discovered a few cool cartoon sites recently - Roasted Peanuts presents a daily Peanuts with a bit of commentary, while Comics Curmudgeon takes an off kilter (imagine I'm chuckling slightly when I say that) look at the bizarre world of humour-free US newspaper comics. I really love newspaper comic strips like this, they're such a deliciously compressed form, and Peanuts is frequently a little slice of genius. That whiff of desperation raises it above Calvin & Hobbes in my opinion(although C&H is also great).

  3. Tom's "Charlie Brown: A Man Alone", did give the strip a certain Raymond Chandler feel.

  4. Are they still around to look at anywhere?


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