Sunday, 4 December 2011

Panoptica by Patrick Hudson

Well, chums, I've been and gone and done it. My novel-length satire Panoptica is now available at and presumably in other territories, too. It's got a Facebook page, even.
Click the link for some back cover blurb!

In the future, CCTV surveillance and reality TV celebrity desperation collide to create a world where the lines between public and private, reality and fiction are utterly confused.

Titus Spring, a puritanical dissenter from the media-ocracy, finds himself starring on the game show justice system of the future when he is framed for the murder of the King of England, Hugh Grant the Fourth.

In a world where the camera never lies the only person who believes him is his barrister, fading popstar tribute act Robbie Williams the Third. Together they must prove his innocence or Titus Spring will face the biggest mega-super-bonus-prize in broadcast history – an all-star celebrity execution.

Panoptica up-ends every dystopian cliché you've ever heard. It's a technicolour cartoon version of Brave New World. It's 1984 with knob gags.

If you love sci fi satire in the best tradition of Pohl & Kornbluth, Douglas Adams and 2000AD, then Panoptica is the satirical novel of celebrity, surveillance and media manipulation you've been waiting for!
Buy it now!

Don't forget that you can read Kindle format books on your iPad, iPhone and PC and I'm sure all those other gadgets that annoy us all on the train - I mean, for fuck's sake do you have to be catching up on old episodes of Top Gear or beating your high score at Angry Birds all the time? Get a life! But first, get Panoptica!

Here's a small image of the cover, just for the hell of it:


  1. Tip of the old hat Patrick. We've just downloaded a copy to our Kindle account! :-)

  2. Yay! Great to see you two the other night.

    1. I have received 5 copies of your book instead of my order from I have no idea what Lulu are playing at.

  3. Hello there! Are you perhaps the author of a book called something like Archie Barker Nightmare Hunter? Sorry if I don't recall the title exactly, but I sent my box back to where it came from and complained to Lulu. They replaced my books without a quibble. If you do the same they'll hopefully re-send your order.

    I don't think they care if you return these misappropriated copies or not - I had to convince UPS to take them back and am not convinced they ended up back with the sender. If I were you I'd just ditch these copies of Panoptica - or better still hand them out to friends and keep one for yourself, with compliments from me and Lulu!


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