Sunday, 22 January 2012

Panoptica - two new reviews!

Well, newish. I haven't perhaps been as on to it about this, time being pressing, as ever.

Anyway, over on Mike Davey gives it four stars saying "This book's style is Swift meets Dick with a dash of Vonnegut. A great first novel with satire thats cuts like a katana!"

Meanwhile, on Jeffrey Hewitt (author of A Reflection of Glass) gives it another four star review. "This is an excellent first novel! The pace is insane - like a clown on a downhill slope riding on an out-of-control train greased with lightning, satire, and sharp British wit."

Panoptica has international appeal, and is good for what ails you! And a print-on-demand version is coming soon - luddites, watch this space!


  1. Hiya,

    I'm currently reading two books and living a life. As soon as I reach the end of one of those three i'll give Panoptica a shot.

    In the interim it seems your State Of Change novella is hard to get. Apparently MediaFire feel vou've violated them in some way. Is there an alternative download location?


  2. Good heavens, Bryan! Good to hear from you, some times I wonder what happened to you and here you are. You can get in touch with me via facebook or []2[at] if you want to catch up on the last quarter century or so.

    Not sure what's up with State of Change. I'll re-up it when I get the time and post here, but that may be a while, what with compating priorities. In the mean time, it's serialised on its own blog here:

    Bit of a pain, I know, but it is out there. I should get rid of that mediafire link, though.

    I'm currently putting together a print-on-demand version of Panoptica. Taking a while as I can't seem to get the size of the book that I want from Lulu - their sizes are all either too big or too small. I'm trying amazon createspace instead, although getting the front cover right is proving a hassle (mostly due to my ineptitude).

    Good to hear from you, anyway, let me know how you're doing!


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