Sunday, 21 October 2012

Marvel Essential Warlock - part 10

Warlock #9

This issue revives Warlock’s own title, so either his tenancy at Strange Tales was up or there was sufficient interest to keep the story going. It’s the big confrontation with Magus, so fans, however many they may have been, will have been waiting for this moment.

The Magus arrogantly believes his future knowledge guarantees his victory over Warlock, and so proceeds to act like a pulp movie villain.

This issue really belongs to him as he gloats over his victories – providing a handy excuse for this month’s recap – and tells the tale of how he became The Magus. 

The Magus taunts Warlock with the future that awaits him. First there’s madness as transforms into the Magus.

And then trail of destruction he leaves as he seeks to take over the galaxy.

Warlock refuses to submit and is determined to fight the Magus to avoid this future. Starlin provides some epically surrealistic battlegrounds for the ensuing fight, with twisted topography that reflects the twisted logic of the time travel plot.

The Magus of course knows exactly how Warlock will react having lived it once already. After a bit of fighting he breaks off the attack declaring that history’s purpose has been fulfilled and he need no longer fight. Warlock falls into despair, in full on Moorcock anti-hero mode.

With perfect timing, however, help, of a sort, appears from an unexpected quarter.

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