Friday, 26 February 2010

Crack for the ego

Speaking of the Guardian comment is free blogs, I placed one of my trademark haw haw hiLARious comments on this story about the old Martin Amis kerfuffle and was amazed when it started getting recommendations. Mostly my comments might get a one or two recommendations, from net bots or sufferers from Parkinson's disease whose fingers twitch over the mouse button at the wrong time, but this one rapidly climbed from five, to ten to twenty and finally topping out at twenty eight!

I sat there refreshing the page view watching the number climb with a sick mix of pride, embarassment and dread (and sure enough, along came someone to wilfully misinterpret what I was saying). I'm a little scared by it now, and while it's gratfiying that my wee skit hit a chord with readers, I find the feelings it evoked frightening. When one receives unlooked for praise, unlooked for condemnation cannot be far behind!


  1. Nicely done, mate.

  2. I'm genuinely terrified! Places like or Boing Boing are small beer - this is the global stage!


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