Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Panoptica free download on 29 February 2012!

Do you love me? Well consider this my womanly proposal!

Panoptica will be free to download on 29 February for one day only. After this, the price is going up to £1.99 UK and $3.99 US (to level the playing field a little for the eye-wateringly expensive print version).

So hurry, hurry hurry! It'll never be free again. And if you do down load, don't forget to leave a review on amazon and goodreads.

Download it NOW (or rather soon) from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk.

Or pay a fucking fortune for the hard copy on Lulu! Why not?

(I promise this'll be my last post about Panoptica for a while! Real content coming soon!)

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