Sunday, 5 February 2012

Watchmen Prequels

How to respond to DC's idiotic decision to commission a bunch of dreary, time-serving comics hacks to write prequels to the Watchmen?

Some points I might have covered:

  • The stupidity of the "aha, what about The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!" counter argument
  • The importance of brevity compared to labouring over the minutiae of continuity
  • The many ways the comics world has changed that make such a project doomed to failure, at best
  • The meagre talents assembled to stand in Alan's and Dave's Mighty Footprints (JMS and Adam Hughes!)
  • The transparently, nakedly, shamelessly money grubbing nature of the exercise in the face of broken promises (if not contracts)

I had a serious response half way worked out. But time is limited, and  of the many things worth getting cross about, this is surely one of the most trivial. As ever, all you can do is laugh.


  1. Patrick, as a fellow indie author, I make a point to read other indie titles. I only post good reviews when I find a good book. I won't hurt another author as they struggle. However, I will push another book if I like it. I loved yours! Not only was it clever in a prophetic way, I found myself laughing out loud as I read it. It's not the sort of thing I would normally purchase. But after perusing your 'inside the book preview', the first few pages convinced me that I had get my virtual hands on it.

    I tried to give you a positive review tonight on You don't have ISBN numbers. You'll get better exposure even if you don't sell a single paper version. You need to publish a paperback. It only matters that you have that little number. Use They will assign you a free ISBN number and Amazon will link your books to your Kindle versions. You can reach me at litebkt at gmail dot com or on my Facebook page

    I'd be happy to help, if you need any. No strings attached.

    Let me know when you have the numbers. I'll happy to spread the word.

    Michelle Stone

  2. Hi Mchelle, many thanks for you review of Panoptica on amazon, which made me impossibly happy!

    I am working away at the POD version. I tried Lulu but I don't like the size options, so I'm having a go with Create Space. I expect to receive a proof soon. When it's good to go I'll let you know and check with you what I need to do next.

    The cover has been a real head-ache!

    Many thanks for your support!

    Patrick H

  3. ...or maybe not. Create Space shipping to the UK is insane. OK, back to take another look at Lulu.


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